Sunday, 22 May 2011

Welcome to Chutney Mary, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur

Savour the authentic taste of the finest North and aromatic South Indian cuisine 
in a contemporary setting, right in the heart of Bangsar. Chutney mary, 
an exclusive Indian fine dining restaurant, offers just the perfect ambience for the 
cosy meals, business lunches, family dinners and more. Whatever the occasion, 
Chutney Mary's range of exquisite Indian Gourmet will make 
dining a truly memorable experience.

Prepared using the finest and freshest ingredients by experienced chefs from
India, every dish in Chutney Mary tells a wonderful story of its own. North Indian
cuisine has been around since the days of the Maharajahs and exotic flavors have
gained popularity and garnered rave reviews worldwide. South Indian cuisine too
is very popular with its mixture of spices. Chutney Mary is able to serve non-spiced
options too.

From assorted breads such as naans and chapattis to marinated meats on skewers
or kebabs; from the popular tandoori chicken to succulent seafood; from
vegetarian to curries; Chutney Mary serves up Indian gourmet like you've never
tasted before. Tantalise your taste-buds with the intoxicating bursts of flavour
concocted by Indian spices, herbs and condiments.

Chutney Mary also  caters for outdoor catering and is available for functions, 
special events & etc. Chutney Mary is able to customise menu for special

Open Daily from 10.00 am to 12.00 midnight. All Day Dining.

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Manager Mr.Thambi Raj